WiMAX + Worldwide connectivity via 2-way satellite

Broadband via Satellite available anywhere even without phone line.


Launching of mobile E-Learning services enables an education system with a broader reach and connection to remote schools or individually preferred places of direct learning or examination.

Live video feeds from geographically – spread cameras create a paradigm change for care, emergency medical services and public safety.

Eurobird 3
Eurobird 3 was launched in September 2003 at 33 degrees east. It covers Europe and Turkey. Coverage area

Sesat 2
SESAT 2 at 53 degrees east provides Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia with high power Ku-band capacity. Coverage area

This new Eutelsat satellite is at 7 degrees east. It covers all Sub-Saharan Africa and provides Europe and the Mediterranean Basin with direct connectivity. Coverage area

Satellite W1 at 10 degrees east covers Europe, Atlantic Islands, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. It was launched for the growing market in geographical areas not yet covered by wide beam satellites. Coverage area

Atlantic Gate
The three ATLANTIC BIRD™ satellites at 12.5 and 5 degrees West cover America, Europe, West Asia and all Africa. Coverage area

World Coverage

Direct Learning
2-way satellite services require no telephone line and are easily deployed to any remote area, thus using a 2-way satellite terminal along with WiMAX/Wi-Fi equipment UNIRVM-students become lectured and take exams Anywhere.


Nano-Projector / Cellphone / Camera (2008)

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